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Where to start troubleshooting 3B+ problems?

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Where to start troubleshooting 3B+ problems?

Postby joejonsme » Mon Jun 18, 2018 10:55 am


I’m at a bit of a loss as to where to start troubleshooting with the pi? Since upgrading to the pi 3 b+, I have expereinced a huge increase in stability problems and seemingly random shutdowns that I cannot solve without a power disconnect and reboot. What confuses me is that, being a bit of a linux noob, I don’t know where exactly I should look and what I should be looking for in the logs to get to the bottom of the issues I’m facing?
I upgraded my headless pi setup from a 3B to a 3B+ and before swapping out the sd cards I ran a ‘sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade’ command. I ran that again after swapping the SD card (I’m running stretch). The upgrade at first seemed to go fine, with no obviouus issues. But since I upgraded, I have now had to do a hard reboot on multiple occasions. I don’t know if perhaps I’m giving the pi too much to do, but it seems strange that I don’t remember the last time I hard to perform a hard reboot on my pi 3B, but since getting the 3B+ I’ve had to do it on an almost weekly basis. The setup is exactly the same. Could it be a hardware problem with the new 3B+? Here are the main things I’m using my pi for:
PiHole DNS Server (which uses Stubby to get DNS-over-TLS)
OpenVPN server
UniFi Controller
qBitTorrent box
I also have zram enabled.I say seemingly random because I have absolutely no idea when and what is causing these shutdowns. Once, it occured whilst I was accessing the OpenVPN server. Another time it occured in the middle of an ssh session. And multiple times it has occured overnight when I haven’t actively been doing anything with the pi.Any help with how and where to start solving this would be greatly appreciated.

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