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xURbAnXniiNjaX deck

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xURbAnXniiNjaX deck

Postby xURbAnXniiNjaX » Tue Mar 10, 2015 1:10 pm

So here goes me set-up at the moment, nothing special going on here. None of these I use for DE or raid just the recommended decks and one I am currently using between events to lvl up :PDT_011: So here's my recommended attack, don't judge still working on getting high attack cards as I don't have the resources to ever clear boxes ! :lol:


Not bad, just really tired of seeing both of those Izan's in there haha. So here goes the recommended defense deck. I never really focused on big HP cards but im starting to rethink my strategy on that a bit. next big defender ill most likely go for seeing as the UR floaters in DE are hitting pretty heavy nowadays! This deck will be higher as Lucy is 2+1+1 only lvl 63.


Alrighty, moving along nice and smooth here.. We come to my balanced deck, once again nothing special here.


And last, but not least is the deck I am using currently to lvl up and get ready for that perfectly timed regen for my wonderful week of farming! ;) Sorry to all that fed their Jendefhors after the recent screw up on the part of someone to remain anonymous, but I am loving this guy and hoping he will be a great add/help to my raid strategy and hang out alongside fireblood in my fire row. (good to balance his atk with fireblood hp)


So that's it folks for now, as my deck improves I shall edit this post so come back and visit soon! also, thanks everyone please feel free to give me some suggestions/pointers please.. and as my deck name says..
GO NWP!! :cool1: cheers- ninja
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