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Emperor's Demise

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Emperor's Demise

Postby Torn » Wed Dec 07, 2016 5:21 pm

Datamine from current database shows an announcement through game newsletter about Emperor's Demise event, scheduled on 23 December – while it's not sure whether the event itself will start on that date or will that only be an announcement of it's start date, I want to remind people that to unlock Palpatine you need 5 5-star rebels(and 5 6-star to get Palp to 6* and 5 7-star rebels to finish him).
There is still some time, so concentrate your grind on Rebels people – Emperor's Demise is labelled as rare event, so it is to be expected that if you miss this chance, next one will happen in 3+ months or so…

Rebels can be found:
Ackbar – arena, fleet shipments(after level 60/ship unlock)
Leia - arena
Biggs - GW, fleet shipments, Cantina 3-G
Lando - Cantina 1-E and 5-F
Saint Han - arena
Scarif Rebel Pathfinder – Cantina 1-D(and I think fleet shipments)
Luke – Cantina 1-B, 5-A and guild shop(though I do not recommend Luke, he's pretty weak)
Hoth Rebel Scout – Cantina store(so needs lots of cantina credits, doubt you can make it 5* in time)
Bistan – Fleet shipments(doubt he's doable to 5* before 23 dec)
Wedge – Fleet shipments, Cantina 6-F(tier 6 cantina is locked until player level 69 though so for most of us it's not doable to 5* him, unless you are on iOS and got him unlocked recently and have acces to fleet shipments now/soon)
There will also be tournament for new rebel(Jyn Erso), but 5* seems improbable at best.
All others are on hard nodes, so you can't 5* them in time without spending cash on chromiums, I'm afraid.
Also, for those on Android, there is K-2SO, that you get 3* and can get 140 shards(on level 60+, even more on 70+ and so on) from his event, while you need only 95 more shards to five-star him.

Good luck all, hopefully we will all get 5* rebels in time and unlock Palpatine. :D
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Re: Emperor's Demise

Postby Corwin9s » Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:13 pm

I got him... and his stats :


pretty powerful, even if he's not with good modules.
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