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[Info] Hell Marys

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[Info] Hell Marys

Postby EmDeeNZ » Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:21 am

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Hell Marys started life a while ago but is having a resurgance lately due to the closure of Hellfire, the model that it was based on in the beginning.
At the moment it offers, missions,PVP battles and Raids with more new content coming soon, and some updates already completed.
Sporting some lovely art work full of lusty maidens and badass males - this game is not for the faint hearted, prudes and probably teenage boys (chuckle)
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You are a wandering Peacekeeper struggling to survive in the dead of space. Recruit the most powerful creatures in the galaxy to accompany you. The power of the elements compels you on your journey, battling and capturing creatures, but only the strong survive here. Those who do not meet your mettle will be sacrificed to strengthen your clan.

Hell Marys brings a melt-your-face element to the realm of card battle games with its intuitive flick-based combat system. Recruit your allies in weekly events and use your power to summon some of the cruelest creatures in the galaxy. Battle through this dark universe and find the poor souls you'll need to sacrifice to upgrade and evolve your poster-worthy vixens. Only you can use the elements against the corrupt gods and fight back with Earth, Fire, Ice and Metal.

• Flick to Attack! – Test your skills in mind-blowing 3D combat by launching elemental attacks with the flick of your finger.
• Build Your Deck of Lusty Maidens! – Gather, upgrade and evolve as many ferociously sexy and eye catching warriors as possible to build the perfect Hell Marys clan.
• Reclaim the Universe – Battle your way through unique missions, mastering powerful elements, and crushing skulls along the way.
• Prove Your Worth in Weekly Events – Collaborate with thousands of players in co-op special events to obliterate menacing bosses and earn awesome cards.
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