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[Sale] Might of the Eternals -Summon-

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[Sale] Might of the Eternals -Summon-

Postby flownm » Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:54 am


Hail Summoners!

The Eternals gathered their strength to support HellFire against the Vortex: Destroyer menace!

Find GUARANTEED UR Frog King at Step 5!

Featured Cards from this sale, as Epic Death Eternal, UR The New Flesh and SR Magma Dragon will be available to evolve through Tiger and Dragon Scrolls!

Receive extra Battle Energy and Reinforce Creatures while summoning!

Happy Summoning!

PS: We have been experiencing issues with asset bundles, which were finally fixed. This may lead to increased data consumption and loading times the next time you enter the game. We recommend you to clean application’s data and to connect using WI-FI. This may help you to reduce costs and data usage in your device.
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