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[Sale] The Champion's Summon 2

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[Sale] The Champion's Summon 2

Postby flownm » Fri Dec 25, 2015 9:46 pm


Hail Summoners!

The Gods of HellFire have unleashed their most powerful Champions to enlighten your path to victory! Few of them remain ready to heed your call. Are you prepared to lead them to battle, Summoner?

For the following 48 hours, we will have 100 UR Ardentos available for sale. Each Summon will bring 3 Creatures, plus 1 Skull Key and 1 Vortex: Invader. To improve the Featured UR rates, we removed the Epic card from the offer.

If UR Ardentos sells out, every player who summoned from this banner will receive 3 Skull Keys, 20 Card Slots, 1 Tiger Scroll & 10 Reinforce Aetherea. These rewards will be delivered on Wednesday 12/30.

Happy Summoning!
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