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[Sale] Elite Summon

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[Sale] Elite Summon

Postby juliencod » Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:15 pm


Hail Summoners!

Chupacabras has been spotted roaming the lands of HellFire! With evolving Elite Multipliers, Chupacabras is truly a power to be reckoned with for this event.

Creatures featured in this Summon are:

Epic Creozelde

UR Chupacabras (Elite up to X5)
UR Reanima
UR Cupid

SR King Arthur
SR Rantricoda
SR Herja
SR Swarm
SR Echonian Speech
SR Hand of Death
SR Pain
SR Vile
SR Tom Ayrton
SR The Magician
SR Henrietta
SR Bultungin
SR Breca
SR Pincoya
SR Blind Friar
SR Catoblepas
SR Virgil
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