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[Game News] Hellfire on BlueStack

PostMessage posted...: Tue Nov 04, 2014 9:11 pm
by Corwin9s
As seen on FaceBook :

Hail Summoners!

Great news!
HellFire is currently being featured on BlueStacks (, letting you play HellFire on your PC!

Help us spread the word! Share this post in the next 48 hours and unlock awesome rewards!

300 Shares: 100 Magic Jewels
700 Shares: 1 Golden Key (Summons 3 cards from the Box!)
1300 Shares: 3 Card Slots

Share until Thursday 11/06 11am PST.
Rewards will be given to every player of HellFire on Friday 11/07 11 am PST.
You have until Tuesday 11/11 11 am PST to claim them in your Inbox AND use your Golden Key in Summon.


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