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Mr. Monk detective novels by Lee Goldberg

PostMessage posted...: Sat Oct 11, 2014 7:30 pm
by madmaxrage
This is a series of original stories featuring Adrian Monk, from the cable tv show about a detective with germophobia, o.c.d. and numerous other hangups. For those who enjoyed the show these are not to be missed. There were about 15 of them written by Goldberg and all the ones I read were pretty darn funny. They're all in the 280 page neighborhood and you can't do better for light reading really.

My only criticism would be that you get certain explanatory phrases repeated several times, and also that after a half dozen books or so they started reading kind of the same. What this means though is you can choose those books from the series that jump out at you and skip the rest. Mr. Monk Is Miserable is one I'd especially recommend.