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The Gifts Shop: how it works

Here you can ask for gifts, silver keys,....

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The Gifts Shop: how it works

Postby Corwin9s » Wed Jun 11, 2014 8:39 am

Well... we now have a Gifts Shop. Great.

But how does it work ?

It's, in fact, very simple. First, it's a paying thing (for the gifter).

1. Send it

  1. First, go in the "Store" in the Game.
  2. In the list, you will find some stuffs to buy:
    • Silver Key = used to buy 1 summon from the box, to send it to a friend

    • Magic Seals : choose "Send 1x Magic Seal as a gift":

    • Mission Energy Potion : choose "Send 2x Mission Energy as a gift":

    • Battle Energy Potion : choose "Send 3x BE Potion as a gift":
  3. after having clicked on the button, select the ally you want to gift
  4. Pay... it's done !

2. Redeem it

If you give Your Ally a Silver Key, he have to go in his "Summon" part of the game redeem his silver key:

Doing this, he will summon a creature from the box.

If you send your Ally a Magic Seal or Potions, he has simply to go in his "Inbox" (like for rewards,...). He will find this:

Enjoy your gifts !
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