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I wish to thank/apologize

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I wish to thank/apologize

Postby Italiangothic » Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:10 pm

I'm so extremely, extremely, extremely grateful for ALL of my allies for sending me gargantuan points ( well....maybe not gargantuan points, but you get the idea) during the last Dungeon Event and the help from this past Raid Boss Event. I learned my lesson with the last Raid Boss Event regarding trying to stay in the top 10, which I did for 6 days straight ( again.....these greedy buttheads took away prizes when you did get into the top 10...I did NOT get the Ayra card, which is ridiculous SINCE I was threatened by a Rager that I was "messing up with THEIR game points AND THEIR top prizes and that I had better stop staying in the top 5." This is where I had lost 2,100 Fire Coins AND the Ayra card when the game decided to synch and load and this is exactly when I lost my stuff....I had also lost 700 Fire Coins when I had bought from the Step-Up Box when they were offering the Fear card, and I got both cards but, when I clicked on the "next" button, the game had to synch my account....for the 13th time during that ONE day---I'm NOT kidding).
I DON'T think it was fair that those, whom were in the top 10, were: 1. Ragers, 2. Cheating---there's NO way, because I tried, to jump 12,000,000 points in less than 5 minutes....I know about farming and stacking but, still, there's no way that could happen and 3. HellFire gives the Ragers preferential treatment since that group has employee's of HellFire in it.
I'm so extremely, extremely, extremely sorry that I wasn't able to give you, my allies, as many points as you all had given me. I'm under great financial burden and under a great amount of stress which causes all my physical pains to go through the roof. I can't afford the Magic Seals this time around, and I'm forever and a day so very, very, very, very sorry. I absolutely feel horrible about it. I'm sorry, and I hope and pray that all of you can forgive me.
Again, I'm so extremely, extremely, extremely sorry!!!!!
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