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Fiesta's Rant

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Fiesta's Rant

Postby fiestacaserole » Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:09 pm

I'm very thankful that this forum exists so that I have place to vent.

Once upon a time, raids were a fun combination of challenge, strategy, and teamwork. In the "legacy" raid it was possible to enjoy boxing, ranking, farming, or any other goal one might choose. Clearly, over time, following the same raid mechanics will get stale and there is a need to change things up.

In the current raid "Rebellion", if one analyzes the boss rewards combined with player psychology, i.e. team bonus is a rarity, one realizes it will take twice the resources as legacy raids to complete four boxes. This means twice the time, BE, and pots would be needed to collect the gem count to clear 4 boxes.

This is the fifth raid in a row that deviates significantly from legacy format. This is the fifth raid that is totally out of balance.

It really is not that hard to design raid mechanics so that the event is fun and engaging.

I honestly hope that HF developers will go back to the fundamentals of successful game design.

For now, I thank them for giving my index finger a rest!

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