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Auto-Login does not let me pass/Mobage support sucks badly

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Auto-Login does not let me pass/Mobage support sucks badly

Postby NLanvaldear » Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:35 pm

GRAARGH!, how annoying can it be if you are in a work-break and have nothing to do but playing HF and auto login decides to stop working! missed lots of hours of effective gameplay due to that.

(problem was mobage related bacause on flutter (also from mobage) it happened too)

anyone who knows a solution or wants to yell at me for growling about this, react here.

Edit 30/03/2014
i have mailed lots of times the last days, specifying what i had done with troubleshooting, and yet they keep giving me the same tips over and overt again... i hate mobage!

Edit 23/04/2014
About 2-3 Weeks ago HF uddenly decided to work again, but this was not done by mobage or thanks to them... i got as far as doing a factory reset of my Samsung Galaxy S3 for only HF!
Anyway i can and will play again! :)
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