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I apparently have no idea what I'm doing

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I apparently have no idea what I'm doing

Postby Rastan- » Tue Dec 09, 2014 3:08 am

So I've been playing since the 2nd event or so and I've worked hard to get a pretty good deck without blowing my money on Freeium deals.

I'm level 380 and this is my deck. I consistently get to around 1000 on the boards for each event and always try to get to 8 million to get all the bonuses. But, I think I'm working a lot harder than some of you might with what I have and I cant figure out why. FIrst, I come NO WHERE near the 300 million points that the leaders get to. Like I said I get around 8 million.

More recently, I've been getting scooped with all my legendaries. I'll get 90,000 hp (with like 6 attacks at full power) off the boss and someone will come in and get 92,000 with one attack. I'm getting frustrated. What can I do to improve my scores? Typically I've skipped over trying to level up the Epic monsters for the event because at best I'd only be able to do a 3-1 on one 3x monster. WIth that, I usually see my atk increased from 13,000 to 19,000. Again that's WAY short of 93,000. Help! I'm not having any fun anymore and I'd liek to go back to kick ass. Here's my current deck.

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Re: I apparently have no idea what I'm doing

Postby depche101 » Tue Dec 09, 2014 3:43 am

Hi Raston, I'm sure others will chime in as well...I'm a fairly new player myself...but from what I see from your deck, for raids atleast, your lacking master rewinders..with the change they made this past raid, you'll prob need atleast 3-4 in your deck in order to MVP a 100 along with the SRE's and RE's. Time is the main factor and you have nothing (outside of Tiera and Wukong that will add time on the clock. They are fine for dungeons and can work in Raids, but not as efficient as even an s1 Master Rewinder..not sure what all you have in your stockpile...master rewinders that come to mind are Alarius, Hadwisa, Penance Tree, Moon, Desert King, Magma (overpowered card even at S1) and Good & Evil. At S2 they can give a max of 5*2*4 or 40 secs extra if it proc's twice and on all seals (magma is different). Cagers are okay, but they can only proc 1 time per seal so max is 20 sec for them..but I've never heard of anyone getting 20 sec's..I'm seen a max of 12 myself for a master cager like Tiera & Cetus.... they are relatively easy to get eventually since they are in the box every week. Hope that helps and Good Luck.
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Re: I apparently have no idea what I'm doing

Postby GamerSeth » Tue Dec 09, 2014 5:07 am

This is a not bad deck, dude. Better than mine was before I found this place.

Ok, so this is my advice (please consider that I'm a noob so I might not be completely right):

Everything Dep said, grab even S1 Master Rewinders, they helped me quite a bit.

I would grab some Master floor Bosses from Dungeon events, they're actually pretty nice at the moment; for example, Valkar, the last Master Boss, had a max royalled attack of 28k, which seems like a huge boost for you. Maybe it's just that your death row is weaker than your fire row.

Good luck!
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Re: I apparently have no idea what I'm doing

Postby DeathBel » Tue Dec 09, 2014 3:11 pm

If possible; you NEED to clear 2-3 boxes this coming dungeon to get 'Fireblood')

He's a HP heavy fire master rewinder up for grabs.
Ideally you'd like to get 3 because of his shameful attack (S3 royal is only just over 17k)
but even just an S2 would make a MASSIVE difference.

P.S. You will need 30-40 energy potions (depending on box luck) in order to clear 3 boxes.
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Re: I apparently have no idea what I'm doing

Postby Nosfy » Tue Dec 09, 2014 3:22 pm

Hello Rastan.

For raids:

Rewinder, Master would be perfect, is the biggest help to get time. 1 seal hit by a rewind is 3/4 seconds added. 1 Master hitting 5 seal is 20 seconds free of attack.

Elite all the way. You need to level your elite rare and Super rare. I would say 3+1 for at least 2 rare elites and 2+1+1 for your first SR elite (I goes usually fo Royal for my first one).

Lets say your elite is doing a measly 15K hit. That means during the raid it will do 60K (15*4) with 1BE atttack. It will do 300K!!!! Attack with a full 3BE attack. And now when your elite hit is perfect matching seal, it means 600K!!!

Adding 3 Elites like this will do 1.8MIO damage for a hit. Tinse and repeat along a 2 minutes attack with your maaster rewinder and you will hit the 100MIO attack mark

With your deck and with 4 Elites well planned, you should do at least 50MIO damage for each 3BE attack.

In short. Elites all the way and add a lot of rewinder to this.
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