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Confused: What is the use of UR/Epic Attack cards?

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Confused: What is the use of UR/Epic Attack cards?

Postby sarikusu » Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:14 am

Let's say that I have an epic card with Attack: 40K, HP:40K that attacks all minions/seals with legendary fire arrows.

In any raid, an elite S4 (which can be easily obtained) with its 4x multiplier deals more damage and provides more hp, if I am not completely wrong with maths.

So what is the use of UR/Epic attack cards?
- In raids an S4 elite outperforms them, so after two days of event you will change it.
- In farming missions (eberdawn etc) it is very extra
- I know In dungeon events, you may use it in illusion fights
- A good deck helps feel us better

What is your opinion on this subject, I am very confused. :?:

ps: Not asking about rewind cards, just questioning attack cards.
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Re: Confused: What is the use of UR/Epic Attack cards?

Postby chophack » Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:56 pm

Great question, Sari!!

As you infer, elites do a great job of powering up decks, blurring and in some cases where elites are in hand in quantity, surpass god like decks full of epics. This cuts two ways.

IMHO (and I don't have any epics, yet), epics aid the player greatly early on in raids, doing significant damage during farming period. This allows the epic deck player to farm efficiently. Elites come along sometimes fast, sometimes slow. An epic deck provides the player margin against a run of BaD luck searching for elites.

An epic heavy deck also can provide player ability to do massive damage vs LBs, when combined with some elites. Tbh, this advantage is well earned by the dedicated and seasoned player

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Re: Confused: What is the use of UR/Epic Attack cards?

Postby pureheartbear » Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:51 pm

With the introductions of skills/rewind Epics have become not as useful... but they still have their place for sure... Especially if you are like me and have some of the original epics that have epic skills like Joan of Arc, Stellamata, Reanima, etc. I usually keep a couple epics in my deck during raids at all time. It all depends on the strength of the rare elite and if there are two rare elites as well.

For Dungeons with epics and rewinds I don't have to mess lowering my handicap due to the power, though I usually do to make it easier. But you do bring up a valid, good point. It's kinda ridiculous how much they cost to obtain and often they are benched due to elites...

Also for dungeons Epics are great to use as your face card, which will make others more likely to use in their dungeon missions... especially if it's ShapeShifter, an atk all Epic or the older Epics. They also help you during regular missions too, you get through quicker...
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Re: Confused: What is the use of UR/Epic Attack cards?

Postby gdogn1ght » Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:05 am

It's silly that elites are more powerful than epics.

It would be smart if they reduced the power of elites so that IF you DO have an S4 Epic with 28-30k attack, you could gain from using that instead of an elite.

I reckon the SR elite at S4 can be more powerful than epics, but the uncommon Rare Elite should be just under epic power - say MAX attack 26-27k (including x4 modifier!), so that there would be some advantage in having these epic cats and dogs around....

not that i really have many epics anyway.

my two cents,

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