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Sharing Farming Locations

Tell us and know where to find which creature...

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Sharing Farming Locations

Postby SentinelOrange » Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:04 am

Please use this area to post known areas to farm specific creatures, in a format like this:

Topic Subject should be - (creatures name) (number of stars at stage 1, with stars *)

Topic body should read like this:

(small picture of the creature)
World - # (world number) (world name)
Area - (name of area)
Chapter - (chapter number)

For the small pictures, you can take it from here: http://hellfire.ninesages.org/?page=en_monstres&lang=en

Please dont post questions on where to find here.

Please only post known creatures in known areas

If someone has another area for a creature that has been posted please PM (Private Message, button is under post count, on the right) me, I will edit the post, this i to keep this area nice and tidy

All other posts will be moved or deleted

Thank You
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