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Postby Carystaal » Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:23 am

Hey there Corwin9s (and to anyone else reading this post :D - it's Brian from over at the Hellfire page on Facebook!

Firstly a huge 'Thank you!' for creating this fan site - you've done a great job with it and I wish only continued success for the future, especially for the new players who will visit, and for keeping us informed with all the creature stats and event news!

Well I'm based in the UK and found Hellfire around a couple of weeks before the Hellish Harvest event, and since then I haven't stopped playing :lol:! I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Hellfire team have in store for us - things can only get better imho!

I love reading fantasy fiction - David Eddings, Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, Melanie Rawn and Brandon Sanderson being some of my favourite authors. I absolutely love The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and have just seen The Hobbit - I think Peter Jackson dud a marvelous job and I can't wait for the next two Hobbit films!

I'm heavily into making music and post most of my stuff on Youtube, but I'm hoping soon to make a full time living as a (ahem, 40ish!) Producer here in the UK so watch this space!

Once again keep up the good work on the site and I look forward to bring an active member here on the forums!

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Re: Carystaal

Postby Corwin9s » Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:36 am

hello and welcome here !I'm happy to read that the little job I'm doing is pleasing you. You could show us what you do in the Lounge forums (I will add a youtube bbcode soon).
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Re: Carystaal

Postby SentinelOrange » Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:39 pm

we have already chatted, but I forgot to officially say hello and welcome to the forum
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Re: Carystaal

Postby garykevin » Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:31 am

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