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A new update of Tapatalk is installed

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A new update of Tapatalk is installed

Postby Corwin9s » Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:07 am

Latest version of TapaTalk is now installed, version 4.5.3. We came from version 4.2.0

Here is the change log since the 4.2.0 version:

Version 4.3.0 released
remove forum verision in mobiquo.php page.
advanced quote support.
update tapatalk icon on online page.
iOS emoji support on web page(need app side support).
Add SSO/Register Options in Forum ACP.
Other bugs fix

Version 4.3.1 released
fix error when update to 4.3.0(remove the function with php v5.3.0)

Version 4.4.0 released
Add code bbcode support(need app side support)
Edit attachment when edit post(need app side support)
Add admin invite email function
Moderation function enhancement
Stop Forum Spam integration
Fix advance quote avatar issue
Other small bugs fixed

Version 4.4.1 released
fix youtube https issue
fix sql error with old phpBB version
fix signin unapprove issue
add context check in all files
fix crosssite scripting issue

Version 4.5.0 released
Add length of ban support when ban user from app
Add last editor info in post
Add close report function
Return flood inteval time to app
Smartbanner code update
Small bugs fix

Version 4.5.1 released
Add mark all pm as read function
Remove thumbnail on tapatalk host image
Small bugs fix

Version 4.5.2 released

Support for hiding app ads by user group in Tapatalk options panel
Support for displaying attachments in Private Messages
Removed app links from user online status icons on the online users page
Optimized app welcome page and smart-banner to automatically add the referring forum to a user's forums list
Support for page and per-page parameters in Google deep link URLs to aid in fixing future "Content Mismatch Errors"

Version 4.5.3 released
Fix some small bugs
Optimized smart-banner code

If you find any bugs with TapaTalk, please let us now. Thanks for your patience !
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