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Postby Seldaar » Tue May 12, 2015 6:56 pm

I searched the forum and didn't see a part for this game.

Ingress is an Altered Reality Game (ARG) from Google, specifically a company called Ninantic. They are some how related to the Google Maps people.

The app is basically a form of Google maps, with the colors shifted to darker colors.

The purpose of the game is to control Portals, link those portals and create fields with three links.

Two factions compete for those, the blue Resistance and green Enlightened.

Portals exist all over the world. Historic sites, libraries, interesting man-made feature, religious buildings, statutes, local meeting places... All could be portals. Most are actually user submitted too. With more being added all the time.

Here's there marketing video, https://youtu.be/92rYjlxqypM

It's a game that gets you out of the house, as you have to physically visit these places.

There's a bunch of local coordination done via Google hangouts and G+. It is Google's game :).

Anyone can download the app (it used to be invite only when it started a couple years ago), but there is an in game badge/achievement for inviting people.

If you are interested, I can shoot you an invite or explain more here.

I played last year but stopped for a bit. Boring infernoless day for me installing it again.
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Re: Ingress

Postby Bassjunkieuk » Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:05 am

I had been meaning to post about this but got waylaid! Had mentioned it in the little chatbox and some ppl tried it but concerned about the privacy implications of sharing location data with Google while playing.

Well and truly addicted myself, over in London we have an incredible team and really do dominate through a good deal of team work and co-ordination and over the last 18mths have seen it switch from a mostly blue to mostly green city :D

Have been to so many new places and met lots of new people through it, agent name is same as my username in here.
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