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Forces of War

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Forces of War

Postby NLanvaldear » Sat May 17, 2014 8:44 pm

anyone else beside of me pays forces of war?
i once had an game on it where i was lv. 52 and had a 1,2billion(or milliard) income per hour.
i resetted that one because i wanted to restart with a clean slate...
now i am at level 29 with 184million per hour income :P

if one wants to add me as an ally, use this code: ZYGHXUL
I am Allied with the Buncles
On the game: Very inactive (not much time, i prefer real console gaming like PS3 or Wii.)
On the forum: Quite rhytmical (online wednesday-evenings)
Webmastering: whenever i get the opprutunity (wich is not to much...)
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