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Looking for.. games!

PostMessage posted...: Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:27 am
by Arhnandor
Hi everyone,

I've found myself in a peculiar position recently, in that, looking at my phone, there's really none of the games I have that quite catch my interest anymore. Well, except Hellfire, but that one is more of an obsession than a healthy game. So I thought, I wonder what you, fellow gamers, play! Here's a little blurb on what I like and my top 5s (you can do more ;)). Hopefully we all discover something good!

I like games with good development, of any kind. It can be deck development, character, squad, anything. Looking back at my games, I have noticed that I tend to enjoy a more "relaxed" game play. I have a bunch of rpgs, but they tend to get dropped if they require too much button mashing (especially if it's just hitting the "attack" button 10,000 times). I also like to be able to play "at my own pace", Hellfire is the first game that has a real time component that I kept for a while.

[list=]1 - Hunters 1 & 2: My favorite iPhone games ever, reminded me of the good old XCom games, but with skills instead of increases in stats. Organizing the team with different roles, developing every character, dealing with money, so much fun! And I don't have to shoot for my hunters, so I can sit back and give the orders, I like that! The varying levels of weapons/armor of the first one and the limited team on the second one (and level cap below what I would have liked) ended up spoiling both to me, but only after I spent so much time on them that I'm ashamed.. Now that I think of it, I never really "finished" hunters 1.. maybe I'll go back!

I also tried Warhammer Quest. By the same company as Hunters, and I like GW titles, but this did not hit the mark. Spent too much buying the game and unlocking characters to end up with only 4 guys, cramped dungeons and too little development.

2 - Assassin's creed: Awesome game! I loved the combo out of simple attacks, the cinematic acrobatics. Too bad I've gone through too many times and the 1 on 1 fighting is a bit meh.

3 - Infinity Blade (I & II): Love the first one, the second is even better. I got obsessed trying to parry/dodge everything and getting all the weapons. Then realized that all I was doing was the same fights over and over and only ever riposting. Let me go on the attack with crazy series of blows too!

4 - Hellfire: Love the card collection and deck making to overcome different challenges. Normal missions, Illusionists, Bosses (do I need to kill the little guys or focus on the boss?), raids, all good! But I'm starting to feel like I can only flick so many shiny orbs in this lifetime.

5 - Zenonia 2 & 3: Good RPGs, I think the later one(s?) got spoiled by the cash shop and funky/goofy artwork.[/list]

Anyhow, that's my top 5 games (or series), what's yours?

Re: Looking for.. games!

PostMessage posted...: Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:51 am
by Urutama
the only other games i rly play on my phone are,

Demonic Savior : a rpg that is new on the android market, not sure if it is on iphone yet. unlike the other phone rpgs you dont have to mash as much, skill usage alleviates most of it

ScareSoul : this game reminds me of devil may cry so much. the style, weapon usage, the customization of weapons, etc. the ONLY downfall of the game is NO free movement, only attack, defend, and sp.atk option. aside from that it is daaaaamn good.

Re: Looking for.. games!

PostMessage posted...: Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:53 am
by Urutama
oh, and i only play free phone games...

on a tight enuf budget as is :/

Re: Looking for.. games!

PostMessage posted...: Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:00 am
by Antyvirus
Hmm, not sure if You will like it, but Guardian Cross is interessting game, it's card trading game, battles are automatic but you have to manually hunt your cards by shooting 'shadows' of monsters, it's very interesting, well, check it out :) My nickname is Forsetti, if You want to try this game, please use my invitation code at the end of the tutorial: TX18968
Have fun!