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Tips to get u started

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Tips to get u started

Postby EmDeeNZ » Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:57 am

Download game
Main screen
This will be on top
You need keys to hit a boss - you get keys by sending allies out to forge keys for you -fighting battles and being the finisher as well as finding bosses. Its a little different here - finding bosses is random and u hit others bosses, rally and be rallied, guild bosses have gold borders so you know when a guild boss needs killed (you are also rallied to hit it) gathering keys for finding/finishing bosses and you get five daily from the event store and you are also able to purchase these with real cash or ingame currency from killing bosses. You can dismiss killed bosses or those that have the allowed number of attackers on it, the new ones have a NEW on them so you can easily find what you havent hit - what you do hit has a dulled sword icon over it - quite refreshing mechanics.

Forge restoration keys:
Under the raid events you get the option to send allies out to forge you new keys - keep this going throughout the raid period - they come back with 5 keys each 5 hours.

Need keys to hit boss - use honour points in the event shop to buy some - play personal dungeon or guild - or both - you get keys to keep and share with guild mates send allies out for keys and trophies throughout the event.

Guild wars
set your defenders and attack attack attack

Main Campaign:
This is the map so to speak - you gain experience and depending on how many turns it takes you to kill the level, you gain 1 2 or 3 stars keep climbing they get harder.
Battling... to kill bosses you can power up the hits by moving gems to line up - the more you line up the better/harder your hit - green gems fuel the green hits blue the blue etc etc. Dont stop at making one line, use the dull screen to figure out what will give you the max lines in the next turn and make as many of those as you can before it dulls again.

Temple of Gold:
Some times you earn 2x the amount of gold - i found this as a baby player pretty hard so choose your allies wisely they are an awesome help when u charge them well.

Remember to always send an ally scavenging, u need all the honour points you can get - gives them as well (you can send every 5 minutes so send send send) This upgrades as you level and gets you some useful things, energy, gold, essences - almost anything... - as u level this does as well

Craft potions:
Send allies to craft potions etc for you - both earn honour points as well - as u level this does as well

Bounty hunt
Send your friends and allies off to bounty hunt - they return with gold :D - as u level this does as well

Recruit Heroes
Brings cards gold etc - as u level this does as well

It was suggested to me you use up to two star cards to feed and the three star and up you sell (thanks lastkrime) - you get gold or dust - dust is from the higher cards you sell and is needed along with other things- in crafting to evolve your cards later

Daily Dungeons
You get two keys to go see what damage you can do in the daily dungeons - these are affinity related so if you need a green catalyst use the keys in an earth one etc.

Guys add what you learn so we can all benefit and further enjoy the game :D
xx em

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